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03 August 2017 Technology

Many ways you can use your old smart phones! Don’t throw them away

We all have that phone that we’re so attached to and cannot stand to dispose. At the same time you can’t use it because, well, it is so yesterday. Is that an iPhone 7 with you? Yes, but you’re eagerly awaiting the iPhone8? But really, there’s still a lot you could get out of your old phoneeven after getting a brand new replacement and we’ll highlight some of these tips in this article.

Digital Photo Frame

Rather than have a few pictures sitting in picture frames at some strategic points in the house, while many others gather dust in the family album, why not get with the program and put your high-quality smartphone screen to good use. Turn it into a digital photo frame. You could save all the pictures on it, or connect it to cloud storage for more unlimited storage. Imagine the pride when your guests are sliding from picture to picture, asking, “Where was this?”

This will be more convenient with large screen phones.


If you’re an avid reader, then you know what an hour or more of engrossed reading could mean to your battery. This is apart from other battery draining function. Relieve your current phone of this stress by delegating it to your old phone. That way you dedicate its entire storage to those books that you love, without having to juggle between your favorite pictures and books. An average e-book is 500KB in size. So if you have storage capacity of at least 16GB, you could have up to 32,000 books in your e-library. Does the Library of Congress even have that many books? Let’s not forget that there’s cloud storage also.

Car Jukebox

At times the radio station just doesn’t get our mood. Or maybe you’re in the mood to listen to some podcasts or audio books. Dedicate an old phone to this purpose, and you could save two batteries this time; car battery and your current phone. Let’s not forget the vast storage of your phone, and yes, the cloud.


Instead of tacking pages of recipes to notice boards in the kitchen and worrying about messing them up with ingredient stains, go virtual with your old smartphone. Just download some recipe apps or PDF cookbooks and you’re good to go. Imagine how cool you would look chopping vegetables and sliding through page to page of mouth-watering recipes with some good music in the background.

Security Camera

Instead of breaking the bank to purchase a high-end camera, why not just put to good use the high-end camera of that old phone? With the aid of webcam applications like IP Webcam, you can stream video and audio feed to a remote computer. You just have to figure out a discrete place to situate the phone.

So you see, no matter how old your smartphone is, there’s still lot it could do for you, but just in case your phone needs to be fixed for you to get the best of it, Unduit Repair Service does a great job of fixing phones in the shortest possible time.

With www.unduit.com, any damage to your phone can be undone; it’s not over till it’s really over.

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