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03 August 2017 Technology

All you need to know about the iPhone 8 : Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone

Come fall, every citizen on Earth gets excited for two reasons : Return of their favorite TV Series and the iPhone. This time, however, the excitement seems to have quadrupled since the iPhone is expected to see a lot of major changes. Let’s have a look at what we know so far:

  • A bigger iPhone with an OLED display: It looks like the iPhone 8 is going to see a bigger screen with the “Plus” model. There have been rumours that the 5.5” display will be replaced with a 5.8” one. Moreover, the age old LED–backlit IPS LCD display will finally be replaced by the more vibrant and visually brilliant OLED display.
  • Screen Embedded Fingerprint Senso: If this becomes a reality, it will set a new milestone in technology. Apple was the first technology company to mass produce the Touch ID in their smartphones, the rest just followed. To add beauty to its already beautiful design, the screen embedded biometric sensor i.e. the Touch ID will double up as the Home Button.

  •  An edge to edge display: The first two rumours just paves the way for the third. An edge to edge display is definitely possible since Apple wants to retain the beautiful form factor with a bigger display. Also, if the home button is embedded within the display, having an edge to edge display is definitely a confirmation.


  • Wireless Charging and Facial Recognition: Apple needs to take care of this with its next iPhone release. It’s biggest rival, Samsung is rising up the ranks with features such as wireless charging and iris scanner. With technology advancing so rapidly, Apple needs to take care of this to remain the king of innovation.

Finally, we hope Apple provides warranty on water damaged iPhones. The iPhone 7 was water resistant but the warranty was not provided if the damage was caused by water.

Is there a problem if Apple doesn’t provide warranty on water damaged iPhones?

No, because Unduit will take care of all your cell phone repairs. The best thing about Unduit is its flexibility. There are two services available for repairs:

Mail-In Repair: Once the order is placed, we send our clients a box with prepaid shipping label and a loaner smart phone (if requested). After the repair is complete, we send your phone back to you. The entire process can take 3-4 days.

On-Demand Repair: We send our tech to your desired location and at the time of your choosing. Most repairs take less than 30 minutes. All the techs are background checked for security purposes.

What else do you need?

Perhaps a dedicated customer service & our award winning Life Time Warranty on parts and labor. Yes you heard it right. Lifetime! Not 3 or 6 months. We like to stand by our work.

You would be happy to know that we have a 24 * 7 dedicated customer service that will cater to all your needs.

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