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03 August 2017 Technology

Worried about post-warranty cell phone repairs? This article might help you

All the major smart phone manufacturers seem to turn a blind eye towards their customers after their product warranty expires. Some charge an exorbitant amount of money for their post warranty services. According to PhoneRadar, a leading technical website in India, an interesting piece of news came up which said that a OnePlus service center was charging a man $744 to repair a water damaged OnePlus 3. That’s a lot more than the price of the phone itself.

Just check out these tips and tricks about cell phone repairs before you surrender your phone to these service centers.

What to do when you accidentally drop your phone in water?

Most of the smartphones now-a-days come with a water resistant coating. However, sometimes the coating fails work. Try the following steps before reaching out to a repair service company.

  • Place the phone in a bag full of rice and silica or any of the either for at least 12-14 hours.
  • Check if the water from the phone has been completely soaked out.
  • Try to switch it on. In majority of the cases, it will switch on. However, in certain cases, it might not. If it doesn’t, no need to worry. Just reach us through www.unduit.com
  • Never ever use your blow dryer to dry up your smartphone. It might be hazardous.

What to do when your phone shut down accidentally and is not switching on?

  • No need to panic. This problem is much more easier to solve than one would expect.
  • If you can, remove the back panel of your smartphone. If not, then just blow out a bit of air through the open ports with the help of your mouth.
  • There might just be some dust that has accumulated inside. If possible, look at the teardown video of your smartphone and then perform the necessary action stated above.
  • If nothing works, Unduit is here to help you. Call us at 1 (866) 6 UNDUIT

Never trust a customer service representative who says that you need to shell out a fortune to repair your phone. Try our diagnostics service. Unduit has been repairing cell phones for a long time. We provide two convenient solutions to your cell phone problems:

Mail-In Repair: Once the order is placed, we send our clients a box with prepaid shipping label and a loaner smart phone (if requested). After the repair is complete, we send your phone back to you. The entire process can take 3-4 days.

On-Demand Repair: We send our tech to your desired location and at the time of your choosing. Most repairs take less than 30 minutes. All the techs are background checked for security purposes.

What else do you need?

Perhaps a dedicated customer service & our award winning Life Time Warranty on parts and labor. Yes you heard it right. Lifetime! Not 3 or 6 months. We like to stand by our work.

You would be happy to know that we have a 24 * 7 dedicated customer service that will cater to all your needs.

P.S : The link to the OnePlus debacle : http://bit.ly/2sNct0J

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